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Monaghan VEC

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St John of Gods, Sligo

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 13:41

St Mary's Care of the Elderly, Mullingar

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Sligo IT

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Scott Building, Tullamore

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Gaelscoil na Cruaiche, Westport, Co. Mayo

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Our Work

Monday, 10 April 2017 15:52


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Monday, 10 April 2017 15:49

Products & Services

We design, manufacture & install a variety of specialist glazing products, from aluminium curtain walling, windows & doors, uPVC & composite windows & doors to structural glass & glazing.

Established in 1980, we have gained a reputation for providing exceptional levels of quality & workmanship right through from product concept, design, manufacture & installation.

We utilise & draw on our years of experience & expertise to work through & overcome any potential problem that we encounter on-site & resolve it swiftly to the satisfaction of all concerned.

All our products are designed, manufactured & installed in compliance with strict quality control & environmental standards whilst adhering to all current legislation.

All products meet & exceed current glazing industry security standards at all times.

The following is a list of products & services that we provide:



Aluminium windows, doors, curtain walling & roof glazing

We design, manufacture & install aluminium windows, doors, curtain walling & roof glazing for both Commercial & Domestic Clients. Through collaboration with a number of leading aluminium system suppliers, we have the capability & versatility to apply our wide range of aluminium products to both domestic & commercial projects of any scale & size. We also regularly design & develop custom products & extrusions in order to meet specific Client design requirements.



uPVC windows & doors

We provide a wide range of double & triple glazed uPVC products for both Commercial & Domestic Clients.



Structural glazing

We provide highly specialised structural glass systems for our Clients.  Structural glass is available in a number of different systems. We can offer silicone bonded, glass to glass or bolted structural glass systems.
When specifying the correct structural glazing system for any project, we use our vast experience & knowledge built up over the years to carefully consider the different types of structural glass systems available & decide on the system which gives our Clients the best & most appropriate method for the project. We design, manufacture & install Structural glazing for a wide number of applications, for example, glass floors, roof lights, canopies, balustrading & glass walkways for both small & large scale projects.



Brise Soleil & louvred systems

We specialise in the design, manufacture & installation of Brise Soleil sun-shading & louvred systems in a variety of materials. Brise Soleil systems are mainly used to prevent facades with large expanses of glass from overheating in hot weather. Louvred panel systems are mainly used to control light entry, to provide ventilation while maintaining protection from the elements & rain and to provide screening, or a combination of all of these items. Brise Soleil systems can be used in conjunction with louvred systems to allow low angle winter sun to provide some passive solar heating to the building. Brise Soleil & louvred systems can be designed, manufactured & installed directly to the building structure, or alternatively, fitted directly to the aluminium curtain walling or window frame. Both systems described above can be fixed or motorised.



Fire rated windows, doors & curtain walling systems

We design, manufacture & install fire rated elements in both aluminium & steel materials to Client specification.



Rainscreen cladding systems

We design, manufacture & install rainscreen cladding systems.
Rainscreen cladding systems generally involve a twin wall construction, using an outer layer of ventilated cladding, designed to keep out the weathering/rain & an inner layer to provide insulation & cut down on air leakage from the building.
It also keeps the building completely dry, reduces the wind loading on the building & helps to maintain the temperature within the building at a stable & controlled level.



Aftercare, repair & maintenance services

We specialise in repair & maintenance to all our products & associated ironmongery for both Commercial & Domestic clients.
We also offer a comprehensive maintenance & aftercare programme to all our Clients, including scheduled maintenance at pre-agreed intervals, to ensure all Clients have complete peace of mind & satisfaction at all times with our products.



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